To promote Unity and Peace among Nigerians as a panacea to achieving positive development in the nation.


To rally support for the elective officers in the bid to engender positive performance and delivery of the dividends of democracy to the entire citizenry.


To promote unity between the two major religious bodies as an avenue for achieving religious freedom in every part of the country.

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“Uniting Nigeria for Good Governance” 

To promote an efficient and effective information dissemination techniques through the use of pidgin English and local dialects

`To propagate anti-corruption campaign of the incumbent government. By promoting and celebrating moral values, integrity, modesty and honesty among Nigerians.

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To encourage compliance with the policies of the government by the citizens


To periodically draw the attention of the government to the genuine agitations of the citizens to engender people's oriented policies and programs.


To evolve workable strategies toward youth empowerment through agriculture and mining programs among others.

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“GOGAN!!! 'Great Nigeria”