Events capable of defining this election week and which may linger beyond the post-election period if not properly checked have occurred within the last 48 hours, and, as it seems, we may not have seen the last of them yet. The offices of INEC in various parts of the country were gutted with fire and trucks transporting election materials were intercepted and set ablaze. The common denominator in the two separate incidence type is that card readers were being grossly destroyed. The case is to goad INEC to resort to the use of incidence form during the elections ,absolutely for possible rigging and manipulations .

It does not take rocket science to correlate that the PDP has always insisted and been pressurizing INEC to abandon the use of the Smart Card Reader for the coming elections but were unsuccessful, and suddenly, Smart Card Readers are being destroyed across the country. The PDP has, simultaneously, gone to court to seek an injunction stopping the use of Smart Card Readers while destroying the card readers. The coincidences are beyond natural occurrences. The electronic device shall ascribe more credibility to the entire electoral system and reduce the incidence of fraud. It is baffling to imagine the PDP which is calling for credible elections is against the use of a device that would make the process more credible. In the 2015 general elections, the PDP kicked against the use of the device because they realized that they were not winning elections because they were popular among the electorate but because they control the machineries necessary to rig the processes and write election result at will. Having lost the last election and have spent the entire campaign session without present to Nigerians any achievement of the party in 16 years of their rule or of its presidential flag bearer but only fabrication of unsubstantiated allegations that President Buhari government is equally corrupt as they are confirmed to be, they have resorted to blackmailing the person of the President, INEC and the entire process at the expense of the nation.

Nigerians, we must all be vigilant during the elections. Our votes must count; we would not allow any person or group of person to manipulate us any longer. PDP is recklessly determined on disrupting the elections. They are churning out lies and propagandas to heat up the system and create violence in the streets. Yesterday ,they posted fake news of trucks of stacked with thumb-printed ballot boxes already in favour of APC were released online which later found out to be false . All these is to instigate an uprising in selected volatile areas of the country so as to discredit the process of the election, and eventually manufactured results and arbitrarily declared themselves winners .

The hours following before the elections shall bring upon us more concoctions and ludicrous activities from the Atiku group. More lies and propagandas will flood the country, more attempts aimed at discrediting INEC and implicating the ruling party will be released.

The security outfit must stay put on their responsibilities now, more than ever so to safe guard the sanctity and sovereignty of our beloved country . INEC must be provided with enough security to secure the material and electoral process. The government should also see to it that perpetrators of any dastardly acts are apprehended and brought to book decisively.

This is a period we must all line up behind INEC and the security outfit to do their works. We cannot become better as a nation if we cannot allow our electioneering process to run peacefully without undue manipulations as we have seen in the past and as the PDP are planning on carrying out as they always had.

The PDP has manipulated each and every election conducted under their watch in Nigeria using state resources and power until the Smart Card Reader came and the electorate felt it was the answer to their prayers against the electoral fraud of the PDP. They do not believe in the possibility of winning elections in a fair game. The Dubai strategies did not consider the possibility of Atiku winning if the game is played fairly; they planned only to perfect backdoor winning strategies, an art they have mastered in the past.

This is the period for President Buhari to take up the responsibility of ensuring that he gives Nigerians a free, fair and credible election. This is another time for President Buhari to demonstrate his integrity to the world by ensuring that all sectors of the Federal Government work towards achieving a credible election in Nigeria against the odds the PDP are trying hard to destroy.

Inciting violence and engaging in acts capable of discrediting INEC will only create chaos in the country. The PDP must learn that calling out for violence publicly like one of their chieftains did in Kaduna is only buttressing the fact that they have not changed from who Nigerians think they are. They must call themselves and their errand boys to order or be ready for the full anger of Nigerians and the full wrath of the law.

As it has always been, in all humility, I welcome constructive criticism to the above submission

May Nigeria Succeed!

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